Spiritual Struggle

Spiritual awakening is for every human being, everyone may start at some point in life to search for the unseen nature of the earthly existence and to experiment higher consciousness. Sometimes it happens suddenly, some others after long and determined struggle. Everyone is bound to his spiritual growth journey. The road is paved with obstacles and tests , which very often appear impossible to overcome, they are in your way … pushing you to fight, learn and grow, making you a better human being,  helping you to learn your lessons  in order to move on.  



The spiritual accomplishment is everyone’s real struggle here on Earth. Everyone is bound to his own spiritual journey which is long and most often difficult. For that, everything on the way is meant to help you towards the awakening of the divine light in the flesh temple which is your body.  Many tests and obstacles, which very often appear impossible to overcome, are standing in the way … pushing you to learn and to grow, helping you to learn the lessons needed to  move on.

In this journey everyone is individually and completely responsible for his own decisions along the way … no one other can bear or share responsibility with you for your decisions. You are not alone though, at any moment there are people along

connected with you in many mysterious ways, who help and cooperate to get over obstacles successfully, learn the lessons and then eventually go away.

While confronting yourself with hard obstacles on the way you might be tempted to step aside trying to avoid the confrontation, finding a better road or some kind of “shortcut”.  Although a better road might exist you will learn that this one too will take you to similar obstacles, over and over again, until you will take the lesson you have tried to avoid.

It also must be known that everything is part of an outstanding system governed by the divine laws of the Universe where everyone’s actions actually attract the good and the bad  and where help comes in many miraculous ways … from loved ones and dear friends, from certain circumstances, revelations or just intuition, natural or man made disasters … and, above all, in the form of suffering in every possible form (your suffering or of people you love).




"Harmony is the synthesis of all qualities and virtues combined.  Working to achieve inner harmony means touching the essence of all things, the Universal Soul, the source where the rules and the forces that transform and organizes everything are coming from.  When we are in disharmony, when we are agitated, irritable or anxious, even though we are working to achieve a quality of ours, there is nothing to be done: the evil in ourselves hits us, bites us and destroys us. Despite any effort we can’t move forward too much as long as we neglect the mistress of all qualities and virtues, THE HARMONY." Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Although the effect of emotions on wellbeing is clearly illustrated, we are still tempted to underestimate its magnitude. The direct connection between the emotional state and the activity of the internal organs (liver, intestine, gallbladder just to name a few) is no more uncertainty.  For instance, the gallbladder secretion increases systematically when you live positive emotions while it might totally or partially stop when you experience sorrow. The liver also is vulnerable to distress... it was found that people suffering of liver diseases experience increased pain when under stress.

From this perspective, there are two main groups of diseases to be accounted for: organic diseases, where the damage is produced at the organ level, and functional diseases where the organ is in good health and the damage is produced at its function level.  When strong, negative emotions are repeatedly experienced, organic diseases might also come forth. Contrarily, when someone lives in positive emotions than all the vital processes of the body intensifies:  the pulse optimizes, breathing becomes deeper, fatigue diminishes, the skin gets better tone, ability to work increases…

Among the true values of life the inner peace appears to be the most precious one, a powerful instrument of spiritual development. Regardless of religion, by nurturing the spirit and strengthening the bond with the Divinity one draws the inner peace and the ability to cope with life's problems. The spiritual clarity serves as a guide in search of healing, health and happiness.






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