Individual Spiritual Journey

The spiritual accomplishment is everyone’s real struggle here on Earth. Everyone is bound to his own spiritual journey which is long and often difficult. For that, everything on the way is meant to help you towards the awakening of the divine light in the flesh temple which is your body.  Many tests and obstacles, which very often appear impossible to overcome, are standing in the way … pushing you to learn and to grow, helping you to learn the lessons needed to  move on.

In this journey everyone is individually and completely responsible for his own decisions along the way … no one other can bear or share responsibility with you for your decisions. You are not alone though, at any moment there are people along

connected with you in many mysterious ways, who help and cooperate to get over obstacles successfully, learn the lessons and then eventually go away.

While confronting yourself with hard obstacles on the way you might be tempted to step aside trying to avoid the confrontation, finding a better road or some kind of “shortcut”.  Although a better road might exist you will learn that this one too will take you to similar obstacles, over and over again, until you will take the lesson you have tried to avoid.

It also must be known that everything is part of an outstanding system governed by the divine laws of the Universe where everyone’s actions actually attract the good and the bad  and where help comes in many miraculous ways … from loved ones and dear friends, from certain circumstances, revelations or just intuition, natural or man made disasters … and, above all, in the form of suffering in every possible form (your suffering or of people you love).


Very often the help, the salvation, comes from various forms of disease,  being perhaps the most effective form of help, the worse the disease the better the outcome although traumatic! When getting a serious disease people feel frustrated, outraged, scared, disoriented. Under circumstances they feel like the Universe collapses and the whole known world simply does not exist anymore.  

At first, people can't accept  the idea that the illness just find out about is in fact nothing less than the help needed in order to retrieve the right path towards personal growth and evolution. It is even harder to accept the fact that, in the past, help have been given countless times, in other less dramatic forms, but all opportunities have been wasted. Eentually he understands that a serious disease is a powerful form of help that people receive only as a last resort after all the others proved ineffective.

When you get sick the primary cause of your disease consists in  violating one of the divine laws of the Universe!  In order to heal you should stop doing the primary mistake, that means find out what is the law you broke and embrace it fully so you can learn the lesson and evolve.

The key to the higher consciousness that reflects the profound nature of the human being is spirituality, the fact that man can not evolve unless he develops  his spiritual self, which is the force that builds the other two sides of the accomplished human being, physical and mental.


Spirituality imply establishing a profound  relationship with God, that enable  the comprehension of the divine laws of the Universe, embracing them with or without following a religious doctrine or spiritual teaching (having a guidance may be easier, though). There are people who live a spiritual life without being religious while religious people could fail being truly spiritual as they are unable to follow the divine command of love.

As long as your relationship with God is right, your attitude to everything around you generates a vibrant form of energy capable of sustaining your physical body’s energy and everything feeding it, following the rule of "you attract what you deliver"!

God created the human body so perfect that it can even heal itself … providing man resonates with the divine laws of the Universe, acknowledge that nature in all its expressions is the voice of God and understands that he must fundamentally change the way he lives in order to resonate with the highest energies of the Universe.



It is your choice as modern individual to embrace the transformation process seeking to discover  the true potential of your being while harmonizing the material and spiritual sides of the Self. Such process is innate in the human being and it could be truly straight-forward if you learned how to deal with the materialistic society which is pushing you in a totally different direction.

It is a lifelong journey, but if you internalize the need for change you will be richly rewarded all along the way … There is always more than one path for you to walk and it doesn’t  really matter which one you take, just  start as soon as possible.

Meditation, prayer, physical activity, relaxation, fasting, dieting … any of these practices (as many others highly promoted today) are effective means to start the transformation process with. You may observe that  your health condition improves or you may even perceive deeper changes … take this as a sign that you did right,  keep working hard with yourself  and never give up the higher goal: becoming a better person, enlightening your consciousness, harmonizing with the Divine laws.

In time your true path will reveal itself, you will learn love, compassion, faith, sacrifice, tolerance, humility, mutual help ... the Divine laws. And you will know the full  power of your body.