Retreat Places

Casa de Don Ignacio Abadiania, Brazil

Abadiania is a small town located in the central part of Brazil, halfway between the capital, Brasilia and the beautiful Goiania state capital, Goyas, which means about 100 miles no more than 90 minutes drive from either Brasilia or Goiania airport. You could say that this ordinary town of 13000 people with a peaceful and colorful appearance is nothing special … but it certainly is!

The name Abadiania is known all over the world as a synonym for the biggest, most miraculous and mysterious healing phenomenon of our time, probably the most powerful healing work known today:  Casa de Dom Ignacio (simply “the Casa”) and John Of God. In the last 40 years more than 15 million people from all around the world went to Abadiania and continue to go ... equally rich and poor, spiritual and unspiritual, educated and illiterate … people from different  countries, different cultures, different religions and beliefs.

In spite of the gossips that have been spread around in the last year by ... I don't know who, Casa de Dom Ignacio will always be my doorway to heaven, a miraculous, transforming, healing experience.