Why You Should Love Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Many voices among nutritionists claim that eating pumpkin seeds (also known as "pepitas") on a daily basis is extremely useful for improving health without the need of medication or food supplements.

Pumpkin seeds’ oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is like an elixir for blood vessels. The seeds part of a pumpkin is the most nutritious of all … and is almost a “natural concentrate” of magnesium. It is good to know this … considering that a collective of French researchers concluded recently that a healthy level of magnesium reduces with 40% the risk for men of dying young!

Pumpkin also have a balancing effect over the nervous and glandular systems, unclog blood vessels, regulate cholesterol, stimulate the kidneys, help to eliminate intestinal parasites … just to name the most important benefits.

People who suffer from heart diseases associated with high cholesterol values should take a course with pumpkin seeds to improve their condition. This implies not only eating pumpkin seeds, about one hundred grams each day, but also refraining from eating meat, fried foods, pastry, cakes, butter and margarine. In order to meet the best therapeutic effect the seeds should be consumed crude, unprepared ... unsalted and unroasted.

Pumpkin have been brought in Europe from the New World by the Spanish explorers and spread all over the world, as did many other agrarian riches of the New World. Pumpkin’s popularity grew with the discovery of its nutritional value and health benefits as its seeds are an excellent source of minerals (zinc, iron and copper), phosphorus, magnesium and manganese. These miraculous seeds also contain protein and vitamin K.

You can easily find bags with crude, shelled pumpkin seeds in most of the food markets, which are healthier than roasted sunflower seeds. You can eat it as a snack each time you feel like “chewing” something or you can put some in your salads, cereals, milk / yogurt or other various types of food. If you crush the core and mix it with garlic, other herbs or spices, olive oil, lemon juice you obtain a tasty dressing very good in salads or in other combinations. Some smashed seeds bring excellent taste if added in pies and cakes as well.

Just take care, it is very healthy and nourishing but …. these seeds have some calories. A quarter cup of shelled pumpkin seeds of about 34 grams has 186 calories!

Picture credit to Nick Collins, Pixabay