What To Do When Your Liver Collapses And Don't Have The Medicine With You

I was in a city break in Italy after a long period of hard work enjoying the beauty of Perugia. Friday evening seemed to be the cure that I needed. The atmosphere of the city, the wonderful food and the perfect weather were promising a full recovery at the end of the weekend.

Unfortunately Sunday morning things looked different. A terrible headache and a horrible nausea broke my recovery plan. I had no prescription and I did not know what to ask for at the drug store. Fortunately two Italian lady pharmacists saved my trip giving me Epakur NeoDetox syrup that is a herbal remedy with no prescription required. By noon I was as good as new and ready to explore the attractions of the area.

Reading the drug leaflet I found out that Epakur NeoDetox syrup promotes liver function and fights free radicals. The special feature of this formulation is given by the association of rosemary, turmeric and milk thistle, plants which assist specifically the activity of the liver, with NeoDetox, composed by the union of the freeze-dried extracts of Red Vine and Rooibos which, thanks to its action antioxidant, stimulates the cells to combat free radicals. Full functionality of the product freeze-dried extract of dandelion with its purifying properties.

Epakur NeoDetox is also delivered in capsules. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 capsules twice a day, preferably before breakfast and before dinner. The pharmacist will tell you any details you need.