What Is It That The Survivors Of Serious Diseases Have In Common?

Deepak Chopra initiated a series of studies focused on survivors of serious illnesses willing to find out if all these extraordinary people have something in common and if they do, what that thing might be.

The human body holds a phenomenal capacity to regenerate and heal itself and people are getting more and more aware of this reality these days. It is well known, for instance, that the liver cells need six weeks to regenerate, the skin cells need three or four weeks, the eye cells reborn every two days while the stomach lining renews every four days. And these scientific facts are no more than snapshots of the human body miracle as a whole.

Deepak Chopra is a remarkable personality in the cellular biology field and is famous all over the world for his contribution as expert in mind-body healing, alternative medicine advocate, speaker and author of numerous books on alternative medicine. He is among the pioneers who recorded outstanding results in understanding the cellular biology role in the healing process.

He initiated a series of studies focused on survivors of serious illnesses willing to find out if all these extraordinary people have something in common and if they do, what that thing might be. Two essential variables have emerged from his research, one variable is based on mind-body principles and the other on spiritual principles.

1. The mind-body variable is the possibility to reach the memory of the cells that have been marked by painful, unspoken emotions in order to release them

Preoccupied with the phenomenon of cellular division Deepak Chopra struggled to find the answer to the following question: “If you get a whole new liver every six weeks, why is it that if you have liver cancer in January, it’s still there in June? Your liver would have regenerated itself several times by then. All the cells would be entirely new.” He has come to the conclusion that cells keep some kind of "phantom" memories that affect them giving degenerative diseases. These phantom memories are passed to the new cells when the diseased cells die old, thus causing the disease to continue.

One of the stories that Dr. Chopra used to say as an illustration of how the cellular memory works is about a woman who supported a lung transplant. After the surgery the woman found she had a craving for hamburger and fries, which she did not like before. Later the woman discovered that her lung donor has suddenly died in a car crash while heading to a restaurant where he planned to eat exactly that, hamburger and fries.

Dr. Chopra believes that the primary cause of all diseases is the loss of the memory about unity, about wholeness at the cells level. When a cell loses its connection with the rest of the body, it begins to act randomly, causing chaos and destruction.

2. The spiritual variable is the capacity of the human being to access the Infinite Intelligence (Super consciousness) that works in the benefit of our lives and our bodies 24 hours a day

Dr. Chopra believes that it is possible to interrupt the memories stored in the degenerated cells and replace them with new, fresh cells capable to perfectly multiply. During his longitudinal study focused on survivors of serious diseases Deepak Chopra found that these people have been able somehow to get in contact with the wisdom beyond our minds, the Infinite Intelligence.

He believes that, at the fundamental level, our minds and bodies are nothing else than pure spirit. Every human being is a unique creation of the Universe and at the foundation of all creation there is already perfection at all levels. Therefore, we are born perfectly healthy, perfectly happy and are meant to get perfect success. Unfortunately the human being tends to live an unfulfilled, full of struggles life and to forget this divine truth.

“When our bodies reawaken to spirit we re-enliven our own inner healing mechanism and activate our internal pharmacy to create and maintain a state of perfect health. "

Deepak Chopra teaches that almost all the atoms that the human body is made of (about 98% of them) are replaced after one year of use and this is a fact that opens unlimited healing possibilities. The spiritual consciousness is the only way that the true healing may occur.

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