Peaceful Mind And Relaxation

We are the result of our thoughts!


"Harmony is the synthesis of all qualities and virtues combined.  Working to achieve inner harmony means touching the essence of all things, the Universal Soul, the source where the rules and the forces that transform and organizes everything are coming from.  When we are in disharmony, when we are agitated, irritable or anxious, even though we are working to achieve a quality of ours, there is nothing to be done: the evil in ourselves hits us, bites us and destroys us. Despite any effort we can’t move forward too much as long as we neglect the mistress of all qualities and virtues, THE HARMONY." Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Although the effect of emotions on wellbeing is clearly illustrated, we are still tempted to underestimate its magnitude. The direct connection between the emotional state and the activity of the internal organs (liver, intestine, gallbladder just to name a few) is no more uncertainty.  For instance, the gallbladder secretion increases systematically when you live positive emotions while it might totally or partially stop when you experience sorrow. The liver also is vulnerable to distress... it was found that people suffering of liver diseases experience increased pain when under stress.

From this perspective, there are two main groups of diseases to be accounted for: organic diseases, where the damage is produced at the organ level, and functional diseases where the organ is in good health and the damage is produced at its function level.  When strong, negative emotions are repeatedly experienced, organic diseases might also come forth. Contrarily, when someone lives in positive emotions than all the vital processes of the body intensifies:  the pulse optimizes, breathing becomes deeper, fatigue diminishes, the skin gets better tone, ability to work increases…

Among the true values of life the inner peace appears to be the most precious one, a powerful instrument of spiritual development. Regardless of religion, by nurturing the spirit and strengthening the bond with the Divinity one draws the inner peace and the ability to cope with life's problems. The spiritual clarity serves as a guide in search of healing, health and happiness.  In the end we are the rezult of our thaughts!


In order to develop a bright, tonic and optimistic disposition you need to chase away any unnecessary and unhealthy feeling… such as haste, anxiety, discouragement, bad thoughts! Being in contact with negative people, which use to complain constantly, lowers unnecessarily your nervous energy and vitality. The same effect is raised by hatred, envy, jealousy and any feeling of hostility toward others...

It has been proven that people who laugh out loud, with all heart, for 30 minutes each day increase the quantity of their immune cells fighting the cancer (Norman Cousins, “Psychoneuroimmunology”). 

Everyone should use as a “vaccine” against negative mood the fact that, most often, they get angry for minor things reaching to turn everything into a drama! While lucid thinking about the cause of the emotional explosion, they realize that it is completely unbalanced in relation with the nervous energy they wasted.


Depending on the perspective, people may see relaxation as a very complex concept since it is part of the most prominent, old religions and philosophical systems such as Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, Daoism and  others. In the same time, people may see relaxation as an elementary simple concept since it is part of their everyday life when listening to music, reading a book, walking or ... shopping.

Relaxation is extremely important considering that prolonged tension, permanent  muscle and psychic stress are responsible for anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem, skin problems, digestive problems, diabetes, heart and circulatory problems, infertility, insomnia, weight gain, premenstrual syndrome, urge to smoke, excessive eating, drinking alcohol, drugs ... or simply sickness.

Anybody can relax just on the ground that everyone has the physical capabilities to do it ... if you do not relax at all, or not as long as you need this simply mean that you are used to be tense and you have forgotten what relaxation is.

Relaxation begins where you say “STOP” to those things you were doing before, both physically and mentally. It is the ability not to worry, not to let your thoughts humming in your mind. It is the power to put yourself first and be loyal primarily to yourself, to live completely in the present and leave the past behind, to stop worrying about thinks you can’t control and about what will come…

Currently there are numberless relaxation techniques specific to various traditions and cultures that may be split into three main categories: physiological, psychological and, the most complex, philosophical.

  • Physiological techniques produce specific physical effects, such as muscle relaxation, slow heart rate, decreased blood pressure and others.

  • Psychological techniques produce more complex effects which combine physical and mental profound relaxation.

  • The most complex and often poorly understood, the philosophical category is inseparably connected with philosophical systems or religions, is engaged in the evolution of self and in harmonizing the being physically, mentally and spiritually.