Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900 – 1986) was one of the greatest spiritual masters in the last 100 years, a philosopher, mystic and esotericist. His remarkable psychic abilities, sound comprehension of the subtle world helped him to develop a profound philosophy of individual’s personal transformation with an emphasis on how people can better live their life here on Earth. The essence of his teaching is based on the old Initiatic Science and is his legacy in the modern world. It speaks about the fundamentals of the Initiatic Science in a way that everyone can comprehend, explains about the Universe, macrocosm and microcosm and about the  way everything in the Universe is connected.

Aivanhov taught that every human being, no difference in social position, intellectual ability, religion or race has the potential to transform itself and evolve in complete harmony with the divine world, and, thus, take part in the creation of a new period of brotherhood and peace on Earth.  He believed that in order to accomplish a better life people should set higher ideals: "... if you have a High Ideal, such as the bringing of the Kingdom of God on Earth, you get everything you wished for, you taste plenitude." 

He gave over 5000 free open lectures and private interviews in France, Switzerland, Canada, US, UK, Scandinavia and many other countries, published over 32 complete works and 44 pocketbooks based on his lectures and traveled all over the world to visit spiritual places and share his knowledge. 

Mikhael Aivanhov was born as Mikhail Dimitrov Ivanov to a Bulgarian family that lived in a small village from Macedonia, Srbci. He was a precocious child with an obvious attraction to spirituality even since his first years of life. This attraction was encouraged by his mother, Dolya, an extremely religious woman, and his maternal grandmother Astra, a healer who had knowledge about the power of nature and used plants in her healing techniques. The father Ivan unfortunately passed away when Mikhael was only seven years old.

The family was forced to leave Srbci home in spring 1907 and search for shelter in Varna, Bulgaria. Although his childhood in Macedonia was rather needy Mikhael always remembered the beauty of that place particularly the huge trees he used to climb and the beautiful spring near house that he used to watch for hours.

When he was 12 he read the Holly Bible for the first time and when he was 13 he discovered Buddha who became his second model after Jesus. At the age of 16 he lived his first mystical experience that influenced him deeply, he heard the Music of the Spheres … 

 “If you are really concerned with your own perfection, about fulfillment and final victory you must work for harmony. That is to say you must try to harmonize your being with all the forces of the universe. The power of a spiritual person resides, precisely, in the will to be in harmony with the body of the universe, to climb to the highest summit and live with the life of God Himself. At the age of sixteen I was snatched from my body and permitted to hear the Harmony of the Spheres. Never have I known anything to equal the intensity and richness of the sensations I experienced. It was so beautiful, so divine that I was afraid; I was afraid of that splendor, for I felt I was dissolving and disintegrating into space.

So I cut short the experience and came back to earth. Now I regret it of course, but at least for a few seconds, I actually experienced it, I actually saw and heard the whole universe vibrating. Heaven gave me the privilege of that experience so that I should have some idea of what Heavenly harmony really is.”

At the age of 17 Mikhael meat Master Peter Deunov (1864 - 1944), the founder of the Universal White Brotherhood and  followed him in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital city. There he  enrolled at the University of Sofia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics while working hard to pay his bills as a carpenter, painter, mason ...  After a while he transferred  from physics and mathematics to history and philosophy and in parallel studied violin. After graduation he kept attending various courses of Sofia University to complete his knowledge -  psychology, medicine, chemistry. It was then when he decided to live in chastity.

In 1937 Mikhael lived Bulgaria under the threat of war and communism and went to France with the mission from Deunov to preserve and spread his teaching. He started to give lectures in France at first, then he initiated travels in Europe and on the American Continent.


Peter Deunov died in 1944, but Michael remained faithful to the mission he had received and tirelessly and disinterestedly gave his love, his knowledge and his attention to all those he met.

The journey to India and Tibet in 1959 was another important milestone of his spiritual elevation. There he met vast personalities of the moment, spiritual masters and philosophers such as Anandamayi Ma, Swami Shivananda from Rishikesh, Swami Nityananda, Lama Anagarika Govinda and Neem Karoli Baba  from whom he received the name "Omraam". He explained that OMRAAM is made from “OM”, the power that dissolves, makes things subtler and “RAAM”, the power that materializes everything. Thus OMRAAM is “the symbol of materialization process, of the invisible idea that has to be incarnated on Earth, so that all the world can see it and come into contact with it ".

In February 1960 he returned to France as Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov to  resume his  intense activity. He continued to work hard for his elevation until his death in 1986, to write and give lectures on his teachings about the great  aspects of spirituality as revealed to him.

„Is there anything to stop human beings from being brothers and sisters, from forming universal brotherhood in the world? What can stop them? The only thing that stops them is illusion, the illusion that they are happier being separated from each other… but the years go by, and they are not happier. It is normal for everyone to want to live their own life, no one wants to change that: you do not have to be welded to other people nor assume their problems. You and your life remain separate and independent, but in the invisible world you are united, you form a unity. Are cells welded together in the human body or is each one individual? The cells in the heart are not the same as the cells in the stomach, each one is an individual, but their affinities, their common goal, create a state of harmony between them called health. No one is going to ask you to change your skin colour or your religion. Let everyone remain as they are, with their …”


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