Nature In Pictures

Spending time in nature as much as possible is a powerful therapy, effective, enjoyable and refreshing at the same time. A simple practice that helps not only to preserve health but even to cure illnesses already installed and in evolution.   
There are times when going out in nature, far away from cities, cars, dust and a lot of negative energy is difficult or simply there isn't time enough. In those moments if you feel like you need to walk  outside, to feel the vibration of the nature's pure energy but, from a thousand reasons, you can't, you still have the pictures .... and your imagination. Chose the picture from nature with places that inspires you, that you feel like you can go there  as soon as you close your eyes, and focus for few seconds. Just try to imagine the real colors, the smells,  the sounds or the way your skin feels the light. Just imagine all the details and you will be there fully, completely with all your being.   
Here we give you our collection of pictures from nature, each one is special and unique and tells it's own vibrant story with places, colors, sounds, insects, smells,  positive eneregy vibration. All pictures are mostly natural, slight edit here and there, only where the camera couldn't entirely reproduce the reality, nothing more.

Take a tour and get inspired.