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Inspiration is something we are in search of even without being aware of that. The need for inspiration is permanent, yet most of the time we do not really feel it until the moment we try  to manifest more intensely the divine within us.  When deciding to engage on a difficult path,  to radically change something in our life or to simply dive into the creation process … any kind of creation, art, music, technology, science and many more. Being in a deep inspiration state is like the Universe is watching for his children  to develop new skills and bring happiness and beauty to the world.


Engaging in the spiritual journey this precious fuel named “inspiration” is needed even more because  “spirituality is all about inspiration”, as many teachers say. It is resourced from an unique center known after more than one name, the Divinity, God, Higher Intelligence, the Creator, the Higher Self, the Permanent Personality, Universal Intelligence. Therefore, if the mind is calm and relaxed, it gets connected to the pure energy vibration of the Universe than the inspiration is granted.


Even though it is not all the time accessible, there are many ways we can help achieving deep inspiration state, not all of them easy to do. There will always be some effective tools accessible to everyone: spending time in nature, contemplating wise words from masters, listening to meditation music (or simply high vibration music), contemplating beauty in the form of art, contemplating geometric diagrams and representations, physical activity in nature  (just to name the most accessible yet effective ways).


If you feel like needing some inspiration we are ready to help with effective tools like  free beautiful nature images and video-clips, quotes, meditation music or mantras, mandalas, beautiful art work.






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