Church Energy

“Let us be carried into the inn to be healed”   St. Augustine
Those words said by one of the most loved and famous Saints picture the essence of the church in a powerful and suggestive way. It says that inside any church there is pure energy that fills the entire space, special in vibration and strength and, therefore, an extraordinary therapy.
Although a simple and accessible practice the church energy has an undeniable power not only to preserve health, but also to cure existing, serious illnesses. Spending time inside a church is both, an effective therapy and a spiritual awakening experience, so strong and subtle that it can awaken the deepest energies and spiritual aspirations that the human being is born with.
Besides the effects on well-being on physical, psychical and spiritual levels, a church is a true and complex piece of art that gives the high inspiration that usually, the beauty materialized in art gives, and the satisfaction of an artistic experience.  
Here is a modest collection made from pictures of churches that we visited, mostly orthodox churches in Eastern Europe, real jewelries with astonishing architecture and high vibration energy. If you don’t have the time or opportunity to spend time in a real church, you could just chose the ones you feel like being familiar or attracted to, and travel there with your imagination. Think of the sound, the smell, the look and then try to feel the energy vibration.