Art Inspiration

Speaking about art is  the same as speaking about beauty. And beauty is at the foundation of love, therefore at the foundation of spirituality. The art in its many forms must be valued for its role of universal channel  through which people  share and honour their particular perceptions of imagining and understanding the spirituality, the Divine, the Universe.  In this sense, the art and spirituality are deeply connected on many dimensions, as it has the secret power to deepen the perception of the various ways in which each person experiences the Divine.
When contemplating art we contemplate beauty and this is one of the straightest ways in existence to awake the highest feeling, thoughts, energy.
There is our original collection of digital art inspired from feelings, dreams, thoughts and very much from the perfection of nature. Each one is special and unique telling it's own vibrant story with colors, sounds, shapes, dreams, imagination, positive energy vibration.  
A variety of freely downloadable wallpapers and screen savers easy to install on electronic devices  Iphone, android, Ipad, tablet, laptop, desktop. Chose the image you feel like inspiring you and download on your phone so you can have the inspiration with you any time you like.

Take a tour and get inspired. Download what you like.