Ancient Worship Places

On each of the continents there are ancient, extraordinary structures that have been built more than 10.000-12.000 years  ago.  It appears that these are the oldest human made structures or buildings.

From the astonishing sites that are located in Asia GobecliTepe and Katalhuyuk (on the Turkey territory), to the spectacular structures in Southern America, out of which Puma Punku is the most enigmatic, and to the  incredible constructions in North Africa made before the Egyptian Age of the Pyramids, all these have mysterious architecture and incredible huge dimensions. The scientists concluded that all of them were made for sheltering and continuous occupancy but also, as a primary role, to be used as imposing places of worship. These remains inherited from our ancestors  are proofs that the human being was able to manifest the spiritual self even in the beginning of the humanity childhood.

Take a tour and get inspired.