The Team

The Miracle of Your Body is a very dear project to me, therefore I worked with great joy and dedication to bring it to life. The idea came a few years ago while enjoying  the notes I have made during about 25  years of exploring, seeking for answers on the edge between spiritual, religion, philosophy and science.

I'm not a doctor ... if I were perhaps I would not have given much attention to the spiritual side of the human being or to the natural healing traditions. There aren’t many spiritual personalities with formal medical education, as you probably noticed yourself.

And no, I'm not a therapist nor a healer ... if I were I would probably be less passionate about the scientific emphasize of the Universe and about the quantum theory, which has the power to bring science and spiritual beliefs together in harmony in a mysterious and yet mathematical way.

I am a computer engineer that loves the mystery of the Universe, this beautiful Earth, spiritual beliefs, humankind, nature ... in one word, God.

I spent my early years practically in the courtyard of an orthodox church, where my grand father was a gifted priest, as many generations ahead of him. It was in a small city where communities of different religions and nationalities lived together in perfect harmony so I could learn that the Divine laws do not favor any religion, any community or individual and that the spiritual values are the same for everyone on Earth…

I kept exploring ever since. I spent years studying the main religions of the world, the great spiritual schools and teachings, the great spiritual personalities,  the famous theosophists .... I discovered  the profoundness and strength of the Christian Orthodox Parents’ teachings. I practiced Yoga for years and meditation in it’s various forms finding out how close prayer and meditation are ... Somewhere along the way I discovered quantum physics which I felt so close to the way I see the world. 

Later in my life I was forced to take  the spiritual lesson of illness. About 13 years ago I was threatened by a serious disease (that I am not ready yet to speak about). After being diagnosed I rejected the conventional medicine procedures, the scalpel and toxic drugs,  and fully embraced the ideas and practices that I have been learning since I can remember. Along the way I was blessed to meet great spiritual personalities such as John of God, Valeriu Popa, Father Daskalos, Sergei Lazarev and others, either directly or through their disciples or teachings. I had journeys to Abadjania and I am permanently, deeply connected with this incredible doorway to Heaven, my Heaven …

God sent me to learn from these teachers and this has been the greatest privilege.  I don’t know about the future, but since almost 13 years now my disease has been under control and helped me understand how rich and meaningful life truly is.

The power of your body gets much inspiration, ideas and articles from dear friends who share the same phylosophy of living as I do. Some of them are therapists some others only explorers of the truth Aura, Sanda, Alexandra, Emil ... thank you for sharing your search with me.

The Mission

Since the beginning of mankind the natural aspiration to live a long life in health and prosperity has been a driving force for every individual and every community. Above all we wish health for ourselves, for our families, friends and all loved ones ... as we understand that health is the supreme gift of life which alone makes everything else possible.  Somehow the Universe is using this aspiration for guiding us on a spiritual journey on the path of knowledge and higher consciousness.
Living in total harmony with nature, the ancient world cultures built their natural therapeutic traditions based on herbs, potions, incantations, ritual dances, prayers, healing travels, rituals and more ... Some of these traditions prove such a level of complexity and depth that our modern thinking, in pursuit of overnight solutions and new technologies, has not been able to decrypt yet.
During the last century people have lost interest in these traditional therapeutic traditions while adapting their lifestyle to the emerging "doctrine" of science and technology. People have changed the way they relate to health and healing, relying on new concepts, methods and techniques close to technology, biology and chemistry but ... too far from nature and natural therapies. 
Despite the achievements of conventional medicine, that has consistently contributed to enhancing our quality of life, health-related problems appear to be more diverse, more complex and more difficult to solve ...  We are fighting today new diseases with unknown causes, resistant strains of known germs, uncontrollable viruses, different forms of cancer or even so-called “welfare diseases” such as metabolic disorders, autoimmune, cardiovascular, respiratory disease and others.
Maybe we should trust the ancient therapeutic traditions and find inspiration there  given that more and more researches in the field of natural sciences show the validity of these old systems… Increasingly stronger evidence support the idea that the human body is not just a Newtonian complex machine that can be “repaired” in a reductionist way, component by component, but an inseparable unity, in harmony with nature, fully integrated into the Universe where it belongs.

It is your choice as modern individual to embrace the transformation process seeking to discover  the true potential of your being while harmonizing the material and spiritual sides of the Self. Such process is innate in the human being and it could be truly straitforward if you learned how to deal with the materialistic society which is pushing you in a totally different direction.

It is a lifelong journey, but if you internalize the need for change you will be richly rewarded all along the way … There is always more than one path for you to walk and it doesn’t  really matter which one you take, just  start as soon as possible.