"Harmony is the synthesis of all qualities and virtues combined.  Working to achieve inner harmony means touching the essence of all things, the Universal Soul, the source where the rules and the forces that transform and organizes everything are coming from."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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Great masters who made a difference  in this world through their tremendous work and idea.
They possessed rare qualities and psychic abilities that they were using for the benefit of others.
J. Krishnamurti, O.M Aivanhov, DeMello, S.N. Lazarev, Rumi, Say Baba  and  other personalities that influenced our world greatly.  



Image by Vlad Stawizki
Various regimens and diets are known as  most effective solutions for specific conditions and illnesses as well as  for preserving health and increasing immunity.  
It is important to know that each part of the world has specific regimens and diets known and used for centuries by local healers and by regular people as well to treat a variety  of conditions.



It is in our hand to make a profound health paradigm change …  getting aware of the great potential and infinite connections with nature that we were born with, working hard to develop our spiritual side. We start to understand that the human body is an inseparable unity mysteriously connected with nature not just a Newtonian complex machine that can be “repaired” component by component.



Everywhere around there are easy to find tools, accessible to everyone, that help find inspiration in an effective manner.
Spending time in nature, walking along in a park, meditating, listening to meditation music, reading quotes, contemplating beauty in the form of arts, contemplating mandalas, taking care of your pets ...just to name a few. 





Earth is fighting now diseases with unknown causes, resistant strains of known germs, uncontrollable viruses, different forms of cancer or even so-called “welfare diseases” such as metabolic disorders, autoimmune, cardiovascular, respiratory disease and others.


On the other hand the ancient world cultures built their natural therapeutic traditions based on herbs, potions, incantations, ritual dances, prayers, healing travels, rituals and more living in total harmony with nature ...  Some of these traditions prove such a level of complexity and depth that our modern thinking, in pursuit of overnight solutions and new technologies, has not been able to decode yet. 


More and more researches in the field of natural sciences show the validity of these old systems … increasingly stronger evidence support the idea that the human body is an inseparable unity, in harmony with nature, fully integrated into the Universe.  

Based on the life long personal experience and on the extensive knowledge cumulated in our team, from each of its members, this website is a plea for the unseen potential of the human body and for the deep transformation that occurs when the entire potential is unleashed.   

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