We start to understand that the human body is an inseparable unity mysteriously connected with nature and fully integrated into the Universe where it belongs ... it is not just a Newtonian complex machine that can be “repaired” component by component.


We start to understand as well that health means much more than absence of any disease or infirmity … more than a state of good physical, mental and social well-being. Unfortunately today health-related problems appear to be more diverse, more complex and more difficult to solve each day, despite the huge investments in medical research, the proficiency of healthcare systems from economically developed countries, the impressive accomplishment of the medical community and despite the increasing awareness, concern and money spent for health by each individual!


Perhaps it is time to take a profound health paradigm change … looking carefully within yourself, getting aware of the great potential and infinite connections with nature that you were born with, working hard to develop your spiritual side and thoughtfully following your own spiritual path. Then you will know the miracle of your body.


"The great secret of health and harmony is the human being’s ability to connect with the mysterious powers of nature that often live unrevealed in our own being. We just need to adjust this connection and then let them fully unfold. In this way the body cleans itself, heals itself and maintains itself in the best possible shape. Nature continually provides us with its beneficial energies, it does not seek to block its processes! We face health problems only when we break the natural laws of life, when instead of seeking inner resonance with good energies of nature we choose to resonate with what is bad. " (Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

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